Modern Data Centre Solutions

Providing solutions for rapidly changing technologies

Trinity DC is transforming the multi-tenant DC industry through dynamic high quality, cost-effective solutions designed to adapt to rapidly evolving technology challenges.

With our secure, connected and fully redundant London data centre, Trinity DC provides flexible solutions designed for modern businesses.

Expansion planning

Technology refresh cycles

System decommissioning

Cloud migration

Mergers and acquisitions

Research and development

| Unique Solutions |

Alongside our standard solution offering, Trinity DC’s unique capabilities include:

  • Contractual flexibility to optimise spend and adapt to changing business needs
  • Flexible solutions from single rack colocation to private suites and dedicated halls
  • Customisable white space and infrastructure solutions
  • Able to accommodate wide range of density requirements
  • Extensive meeting and office space options available
    Additional services include:
    • Ultra-low latency connectivity
    • House bandwidth
    • 24 x 7 Smart Hands services

      | Optimise your business growth |

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